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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Remove Unwanted Hair

Most of us, male or female, have hair in places we don’t like. You might remove hair again and again, only for it to grow back. With a few laser hair removal treatments, the hairs become finer until they’re gone, leaving you smooth and hair-free.

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Treatment Where It’s Needed

Laser technology can remove hair from almost anywhere on the body, including the face, underarms, back, chest, legs and bikini-zone, right down to your toes. Designed for sensitive skin, the technology can also be used in your most intimate areas.

hair removal underarm

Goodbye Razor Burns

Not only are razors expensive to replace, but they can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs and inflammation in your skin. Stubble can also irritate sensitive spots like your underarms and bikini zone, causing unsightly red bumps. Laser hair removal involves no pain, no downtime and no burn.

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Relaxing Getaways

Planning a holiday? Don’t let last-minute waxing appointments, razors in your carry-ons or leaky shaving gel containers give you pre-holiday stress. Remove unwanted hair permanently, travel lightly and show off your beachwear with confidence!

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