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Stretch mark removal & reduction

About half of the population will develop stretch marks at some point in their lives. They affect both men and women at various ages. The good news is that they can be treated at any age, but treatments are more effective the newer the marks, so don’t hesitate. Book your free consultation today.

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Life events leaving their mark?

Stretch marks can be caused by sudden weight-gain, pregnancy, medications containing cortisone or sudden growth spurts in adolescence. Just because those events have left their mark, it doesn’t mean the marks have to show on your skin.

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Stretch mark treatments

Because stretch marks are caused by tears in the elastin of your skin, the most effective treatments involve specialised laser or radiofrequency technology that can stimulate regeneration and repair of the elastin fibres in your skin. These treatments can reduce the colouring and texture of your stretch marks for smoother-looking skin.

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Stretch marks can vary in colour, texture and formation. They also occur for different reasons, so you need to be assessed on your distinctive marks and your own unique skin to work out a treatment plan that suits you. Our expert Clinicians will assess, recommend and care for you before, during and after your treatments.

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