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When it comes to cosmetic treatments it can be tempting to focus on a single area for maximum impact. However our experienced injectors recognise that treating multiple areas at the same time can achieve better results, so take advantage of this special holiday package and see what a multi-area treatment could do for you.*


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Your wrinkle injection treatment depends on a series of factors such as your skin type, your age and the severity of your wrinkles. It also depends on whether you are having the procedure done as a preventative measure or as an anti-wrinkle treatment. We offer all three available brands of wrinkle injections and our experienced practitioners will advise a course of treatment that will deliver the best results for your specific requirements.

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In order to be effective, wrinkle injections must be applied in the right muscle, at the right depth, and in the right quantity. Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia is an award-winning injectables clinic due to the high number of wrinkle injection treatments we have provided over the past 15 years in Sydney. Our highly experienced practitioners have been trained to a very advanced level, have an extensive knowledge about facial muscles and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. Thus, for every wrinkle injection treatment you benefit from a free initial consultation, a complimentary post-treatment make-up session, and a check up appointment two weeks after the treatment. This will ensure you are getting the best results and are pleased with your treatment.

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