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The Hollywood Lift is not just for Movie Stars

It is for YOU and your next event. The combination of the Ultraformer III and Hydrafacial treatments is exclusively available at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia.

For a limited time, enjoy this fabulous combinaton of treatments to tighten, lift and deeply cleanse your skin!

Ultraformer 1600x1600 RCA

Trusted & Effective Treatments

The Hollywood Lift treatment uses Ultraformer III to deliver high intensity focussed ultrasound energy (HIFU) to naturally tighten and lift your skin by stimulating collagen. The Hydrafacial is a refreshing four-step treatment that uses advanced equipment to cleanse, exfoliate, extract oil and dirt, and hydrate your skin. The unique handpiece delivers cleansing and nourishing serums to the skin while suctioning the debris from your pores. The final step infuses protective antioxidants to rejuvenate your complexion. Both treatments have no downtime, are comfortable and completely non-invasive.

Hydrafacial treatment

Premium Service

With over 20 years' experience in Ultrasound, Laser & RF treatments, you're guaranteed a premium experience. Our clinics are doctor-led and we take a medical approach to all our services and products. Our staff undergo extensive training to ensure we keep up with the latest protocols for the safest application with outstanding results!

rejuvaus s6 oily skin pores

Holistic Approach

When you come to our clinic, you'll benefit from an obligation-free consultation to learn more about your treatment, advice on at home skin care for the best results and unmatched levels of complimentary aftercare.

Save On Skin Tightening & Hydrating Now!

Come in for a consultation and enjoy this unique treatment combination*.

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