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Smile Beautifully

The lip flip is a cosmetic injectable treatment that helps to gently unfurl thin lips creating the illusion of added volume and a subtle, fuller top lip.

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Beautiful lips

Lips highlight all the beautiful features of your face, and fuller lips are a great asset. The lip flip is a subtle and affordable enhancement for clients who wish to enhance their top lip without adding volume.

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The Lip Flip

The Lip Flip involves a few units of anti-wrinkle injection placed strategically around the lips to adjust the way that the muscles rest. The result is that your lips curl out a little bit more to enhance the appearance of a cupid’s bow and create a pretty little pucker.

Lip Diagram

Comfortable & affordable

The use of anti-wrinkle injections to create a lip flip is slightly less invasive than using dermal filler and less expensive per individual treatment. The result is also more subtle immediately following treatment. Another benefit is that it softens the lines around the mouth by relaxing the muscles and making wrinkles less likely to form

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Combine with Dermal Fillers

A Lip Flip is a great way to determine if you like the way an enhanced lip looks before committing to filler, or a great way to add that little extra lift on your top lip if you already use filler.

Not Just Lip Service

We use the leading American brand of anti-wrinkle product which, together with the experience of our injectors, can deliver superior results. Contact us today for a free consult where we can describe our procedures in detail and tailor a custom treatment plan for you.

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