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At a glance: Medical grade facials and peels

Treatment may also be known as
Chemical Peel, Laser Facial, Skin Peel
Exfoliate & rejuvenate
How it works
Deep skin exfoliation + antioxidants
Treatment time
40 minutes
Exfoliated & rejuvenated skin
Varies per person
Pain level
From $220 per treatment (from $176 in a package).
Works with
Compliments cosmetic treatments
Individual results may vary


What are medical grade peels / facials?

Medical grade peels are deep skin exfoliation and hydration treatments that improve the skin’s appearance. We offer a unique combination of medical grade facial peels that have immediately visible results: your skin is hydrated, rejuvenated and you look and feel younger.

How do medical grade peels work?

Peels are applied on the face, neck and hands. They work by exfoliating the outer layers of the skin and dead skin cells, thus revealing the healthier, younger skin beneath.

Which peel / facial is right for you?

We recommend getting in touch with one of our skin experts who will advise upon the most appropriate treatment for your skin type.

What is the price of your Facials and Peels?

We have two categories of peels. Peels in the Gold category cost $220 per treatment (from $176 in a package).

Platinum Peels cost $275 per treatment ($220 in a package).

We recommend speaking to one of our skin experts about which Facial Peels are right for you.

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