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At a glance: LipoBlast

Treatment may also be known as
Scizer, MFU (Macro Focused Ultrasound)
Deep fat destruction, rapid results
How it works
Large focused ultrasound energy destroys fat cells
Treatment time
1 - 1.5 hours depending on area treated
After 1 or 2 treatments & progresses quickly
Pain level
Moderate - deep heat “tingling” managed with numbing cream
from $600 - $1000 per treatment depending on size and depth (from $500 in a package)
Works with
Skin Tightening With Ultrasound and/or Thermage
Individual results may vary
Must be performed by an experienced provider


What is LipoBlast?

LipoBlast is non-invasive, high-intensity, deeply focused ultrasound technology designed to manipulate and permanently eradicate adipocytes (fat cells) in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The treatment targets and reduces excess fat resulting in a more contoured body. It is advised only for mild to moderate fat accumulation, not the obese.

The LipoBlast machine is perfect for large areas of the body as it delivers macro focused ultrasound energy to large patches, such as the abdomen and buttocks to remove fat and reduce circumference in a safe and non-invasive way. It is considered to be an ideal alternative to surgical procedures, where the fat accumulation is not too excessive. For larger areas of fat accumulation, no machine will deliver nearly as good results as our experts with microcannula Liposculpture.

It is a simple treatment with the square shaped applicator being placed directly onto the skin. There is no gel or mess and no suction.

How does it work?

The LipoBlast is the latest technology capable of delivering large focused ultrasound energy effectively at 2Mhz, 9mm and 13mm deep. The high peak power technology enables the ultrasound energy to target the fat area. The ultrasound causes coagulative necrosis and the death of fat cells. The body then disposes of the dead fat cells naturally, and the fibrosis layer tightens as a result. The repetitive and accumulative cross scanning of this high intense energy ensures even and smooth fat destruction.

The entire area is scanned and repeated for 3 minutes producing a compounding and accumulated heat, destroying fat cells. Although the heat energy is focused at 9mm and 13mm, the heat destruction also occurs for several millimetres above and below these levels. This is a significantly enhanced treatment compared to other ultrasound or radio frequency treatments, due to the intensity, repetitive and cumulative scanning.

How long does it take and how long does it last?

This depends on the extent of the area being treated but usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Reduction in the size of the area treated can be seen as early as three weeks after treatment, with full results evident after 6-12 weeks.

How long does it take and how long does it last?

Results are long term but depends on sensible dieting and exercise to maintain a steady weight.

What results can I expect?

LipoBlast achieves permanent results which start to be visible after the first 3 to 6 weeks. It takes between 2 to 4 months to see the full results of the treatment.

Is there any pre or post care needed?

The skin surface is protected due to the ultrasound energy being focused deeply under the skin. The skin remains intact but slightly red after due to the heat. It is not more photosensitive but bruising is common for a week or so in some cases.

Are there any side effects?

It produces a deep “tingling” sensation that can be painful but is mitigated by numbing cream. There are definitely no serious side effects. It is a safe procedure. Bruising and thus some tenderness is common for a few days.

What does it cost?

At the time of the consultation you’ll be assessed and given an accurate quote. Total price depends on the size of the area and the number of areas but as a general guide the pricing is from $600 – $1000 per treatment* depending on size and depth of the treatment. Four treatments 2-4 weeks apart are recommended, package pricing available.
*Pricing accurate as of July 2020.

What areas and who can be treated?

  • Abdomen – post pregnancy baby belly
  • Middle age spread that causes unwanted bulging in the front and sides of the abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Rolls of back fat
  • Fat bulges in the upper arms
  • Any localised bulges of fat accessible.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

People who are generally overweight with too much fat accumulation, they require Lipsculpture.

People that have a loose roll of skin without fat. This is most successfully treated with Skin Tightening and Strengthening with Ultrasound.

Are there any treatments recommended that compliment LipoBlast?

For excess skin and skin laxity we also recommend the services of skin tightening and strengthening with ultrasound treatments and/or Thermage skin tightening.

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