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At a glance: Liposculpture

Treatment may also be known as
Liposuction, Lunchtime Lipo, Lipoplasty, Tummy Tuck
Maximum fat cell removal for larger areas
How it works
Delivered via 1mm micro-cannula
Treatment time
60-90 minutes
Minimal downtime
Instant fat removal
Permanent fat cell removal
Pain level
Some bruising & soreness, carefully managed with local anaesthetic
From $6000
Works with
Skin tightening
Individual results may vary
Must be performed by an experienced provider


What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a refined form of liposuction that removes substantial amounts of fat from many different areas of the body.

How does it work?

Liposculpture is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under a local anaesthetic delivered using the Tumescent anaesthesia method. Designed to maximise your safety, the mild sedation allows you to remain awake during the procedure.

The procedure is relatively fast, taking between 60-90 minutes to complete depending on the area you want your excess fat to be removed from. As the incision is only 1mm in diameter, you’ll be left with minimal scarring, you won’t need to stay overnight at the clinic as there’s no suturing required.

By using 1mm in diameter micro-cannula, we are not only able to do it with minimal trauma, but also allows for finer sculpting, allowing maximum fat and fat cell destruction and resulting in much more even and smoother fat removal with less uneven pockets or collections of fat.

What areas can liposculpture treat?

Areas that can be treated include the abdomen, the flanks/love handles, back fat, upper thighs, inner and outer thighs and buttock area, male and female breasts, upper arms and also under the chin, neck and jowls.

With liposculpture, we’re limited to removing no more than 6 litres of fat in one procedure. We only treat areas where there’s significant collections or pockets of fat where it can be removed.

Is liposculpture safe?

You’ll be in safe hands as the procedure is done by Dr Michael Rich, an expert in surgical liposculpture. He has an excellent record of success, even reduction of fat using this excellent technique in fine micro-sculpture including skin tightening.

Liposculpture has always been considered the safest form of body sculpting and there’s been no major complications associated with this form of treatment at our clinic. This is different from more major procedures which involve general anaesthesia where there have been a number of problems.

The side effects of liposculpture are minimal, including bruising and some soreness for several days or up to a week. For some, skin marks may take months to fade but as they are only 1mm, they usually heal well.

All liposculpture procedures performed at Specialist Clinics of Australia are done using sterile equipment to minimise the risk of infection.

What does it cost?

Cost estimations are given at initial consultation and a final assessment and quoting is done at the second consultation once the detailed areas to be treated are agreed upon. Most clients pay between $6,000 – $14,000 depending on the number of areas being treated at that time. *Pricing may change.

What are the results?

The results of liposculpture will vary based on the patient’s body composition. In saying this, most patients can see positive results within days after the procedure, though long term results may not be visible for a few months for some patients, as you may need to wait for any residual swelling to subside.

What are the comparative advantages?

Micro-Cannula Liposculpture removes more fat from more areas, more evenly and with a higher degree of skin tightening in comparison to traditional liposuction.

Compared to our permanent non-invasive options Coolsculpting, often it is more convenient and affordable to come in for a few hours and have all areas of fat removed instantly in the one procedure. It is also better in some areas where the non-invasive options aren’t appropriate. For example small areas or pockets of fat that are close to bone, around the breasts and back fat, under the chin and areas of the legs where there is excess fat that would require multiple treatments with the non surgical treatments.

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