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Liposculpture Prices

Dr Michael Rich, a long time leader in the field of Liposuction surgery has over 33 years experience, he has successfully performed this procedure thousands of times.

Dr Rich has perfected Liposuction into a minimally invasive walk-in, walk-out two hour treatment we call Liposculpture using extremely fine microcannulas for best results.

Our Liposculpture prices are designed to offer flexibility, choice and transparency, but most importantly they are are extremely competitive. Included below are our standard rates plus popular combo examples.

Popular Liposculpture Combos Cost
Chin/Neck Lipo $4,000
Back Flanks Lipo $4,000
Upper Abdomen Lipo $4,000
Lower Abdomen Lipo $4,000
Love Handles Lipo $4,000
Inner Thighs Lipo $4,000
Inner Knees Lipo $4,000
Ankles Lipo $4,000
Chest Lipo $5,750
Outer Thighs Lipo $5,750
Arms Lipo $5,750
Anterior Abdo Lipo $5,750
Full Abdo Lipo $9,250
Garments and post-lipo products are not included.

Please note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

The following illustrations are intended as a guide only and represent common Lipo treatments. Please book your complimentary consultation for a tailored treatment plan & quote:

Female Liposuction

female liposuction treatment regions

Male Liposuction

male liposuction treatment regions

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