Forget cellulite!

Do you avoid wearing tight or short clothes because your skin looks like an orange peel? Cellulite appears regardless of your age, sex, or weight. Fortunately, Mesotherapy can efficiently reduce cellulite from any areas of your body and helps restore a smoother, slimmer looking skin.

Cellulite on the legs

Skin dimples?

Cellulite is a major cause of concern for women: it can appear regardless of your lifestyle, age, or weight. If you have cellulite, you already know how difficult it is to remove it - almost impossible. But Mesotherapy reduces the cellulite and fat deposits in the superficial layer of the skin so you can feel more confident and look your best in your skin.

Female inspecting skin on leg

What are the benefits?

Mesotherapy is a highly efficient cellulite reduction treatment that can target any area of your body. The most common areas include the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and waistline. Mesotherapy enhances the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and immune system resulting in a slimmer looking skin. Because it is a non-invasive procedure, Mesotherapy leaves no scarring, uses no knives and is relatively painless.

Male measuring slim waist

Tailored treatments

You have a unique genetic background and a body history that is particular to you. We recommend you take advantage of our free initial consultation with one of our expert clinicians to determine if Mesotherapy is the right treatment for you. Very often our specialists will advise upon a combination of tailored treatments and maintenance procedures that enhance and prolong the cellulite reduction effects.

We are in charge of change

Mesotherapy treatments consist of a series of fat dissolving injections, therefore our skin tightening specialists will use a local anaesthetic cream to ensure you are relaxed and pain-free during the treatment. Your comfort is crucial for us, therefore we encourage you to address your concerns with your skin expert before, during and after the treatment. We also offer a complimentary check-up session 2 weeks post-treatment to ensure you attain optimum results. Our nutrition specialists can also put together a maintenance program that will help you avoid the reappearance of cellulite.

Reveal your body confidently

Don’t hide your beautiful body just because of skin dimples. Book a personalised Mesotherapy treatment and one of our experienced specialists will help you work towards reducing unwanted fat.

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