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At a glance: TightSculpting

Treatment may also be known as
Fotona TightSculpting®, HIFI, Non-invasive Laser Facelift
Fat reduction, cellulite reduction & skin tightening
How it works
Laser energy destroys fat cells
Treatment time
20-60 minutes depending on area treated
Potential photosensitivity, see pre & post care info
After several months, but starting at 2-3 weeks
Pain level
Low - heat & skin redness for 1-3 days
From $4000 (package of 8 sessions)
Individual results may vary
Must be performed by an experienced provider


What is TightSculpting?

TightSculpt is an innovative and effective treatment that uses an advanced laser technology system through a combination of Ultra-long ND: Yag and non-ablative Er: Yag modes to permanently reduce centimetres of fat from the body, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Patients will feel a warming sensation in the treated area throughout and directly after treatment.

How does TightSculpting work?

Ultra-long ND: Yag causes bulk tissue heating by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously, causing apoptosis of the fat cell (cell death) enabling permanent fat reduction. Non ablative Er: Yag uses intense superficial heat which stimulates collagen contraction and initiates neocollagenesis (the process of making new collagen) to smoothen the area and reduce cellulite.

Who is suitable for TightSculpting treatment?

  • Only suitable for healthy, slim and fit people without grossly excessive fat accumulation and skin stretching.
  • Can be used on all skin types (colour blind laser).
  • People with Metabolic disorders, immune system diseases and connective tissue disorders should not undergo treatment.

How long does TightSculpting treatment take and how long does it last?

The treatment takes 20-60 minutes per session, requires 8 treatments at two week intervals and must be completed within 4 months, however this varies per person. Maintenance may be required if there is weight gain due to diet and exercise.

How much does TightSculpting cost?

At the time of consultation you’ll be assessed and given an accurate quote. Total price depends on the size of the area and number of areas.

Cost is approximately $4000* for 8 treatments, treatments are not sold individually to ensure efficacy.
*Pricing accurate as of September 2017.

Is there any pre, or post care needed?

  • Direct sun exposure on the area should be avoided on the treatment area 5 days prior to and post treatment.
  • Compression garments on the treated area is suggested for duration of the treatment course.
  • Low carbohydrate and low fat diet is to be consumed throughout treatment course.
  • Sun protection should be applied to treatment area whenever in direct sunlight throughout course of treatments.
  • 15 minutes of brisk exercise is suggested directly post treatment.
  • Skin types 3-5, should be prepped on a pigment inhibiting serum for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to commencing treatment.

Are there any side-effects from TightSculpting?

The patient may experience photosensitivity or redness for up to 7 days post treatment.

What results can I expect from TightSculpting?

Patients should see a reduction in treated body fat and cellulite after the treatment series. Results are not immediate and can take several weeks to
take effect.

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