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Get that natural glow

If you’re looking for the latest anti-ageing treatment you’ve come to the right place! The Glow Factor Injection lightens, brightens, plumps, hydrates & strengthens the skin giving your complexion the ultimate glow.

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A sophisticated anti-ageing treatment

The Glow Factor Injection is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that contains a combination of highly concentrated non-cross linked HA, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins with a state-of-the-art delivery method, to naturally rejuvenate the skin.

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Simple yet effective

Glow Factor requires 3 simple and comfortable treatments at 3 week intervals.

Typically, effective results are visible after the very first session, however the cumulative effects over the course of treatments deliver optimal results.

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Dual action for best results

Our TGA approved injection gun inserts the beneficial ingredients into the skin to hydrate, brighten and protect the surface complexion.

At the same time the needle action stimulates a micro-wound prompting new collagen and elastin formation creating tighter and plumper skin.

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Glow Factor + Growth Factors = Growth Factors Plus

The Glow Factor Injection can be combined with Growth Factors to provide the added benefit of thickening, strengthening, tightening and re-texturizing the surface area of the skin.

Growth factors activate the multiplication of collagen producing cells to achieve optimal anti-ageing benefits.

Brighten And Revitalise Your Skin

For more information, contact our Glow Factor specialist for an obligation-free consultation and see how we can give you that glow factor!

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