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Take Advantage Of Your Body’s Natural Rejuvenating Properties

Growth factors are naturally occurring substances capable of stimulating cellular growth. Growth Factor Injections naturally fill out and strengthen the skin anywhere on your body, including your face, eye area, décolletage, back of the hands and anywhere else fine lines and wrinkles may appear.

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Rejuvenated Skin

Growth factors enrich fibroblast (collagen producing) cells and stimulate the natural rejuvenation process in your skin to repair damage, restore some lost volume, reduce wrinkling and creping, and revitalise your skin’s youthful function.

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Advanced Harvesting System

Growth factors are derived from a sample of your own blood. In one session, we can take a small sample, extract the growth factors using state of the art centrifuge technology and inject it into your dermal tissues to repair, strengthen and boost the overall health of your skin.

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Improved Technique

Our specialised injection handpiece delivers multiple, fine-point injections at once for better diffusion of growth factors and the added benefit of microneedling which stimulates a micro healing response for even better results. Our Doctors and Nurses have extensive training and outstanding experience to ensure you are receiving the safest and most effective technique.

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