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Craving those fuller, softer lips you’ve always wanted? Create the perfect lip by increasing volume, balance, border and symmetry.

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2 common reasons for lip filler

1) Rejuvenation

Many people with aged lips lack the volume they once had. They often have a less defining lip border and have fine lines and creases. Dermal filler can restore lost volume, definition and smooth out those fine lines and creases.

2) Enhancement

Those who desire more volume, definition and symmetry in their lips can get this instantly with the use of premium, US brand dermal filler. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we are specialists at designing the perfect lip.

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Professional procedures

Our highly trained specialists have the expertise and experience when choosing the right lip enhancement treatment for you. Their professional assessment will ensure your treatment will give you optimal results.

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Excellent patient care and service

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we put a strong emphasis on our world-class standards of care and after care, including a complimentary two week post-treatment checkup. This enables us to achieve the results you desire while providing you with a comfortable experience and excellent service.

Get perfect lips today!

Our experienced doctor's and nurses are experts at crafting the perfect lip to suit any desire.

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Experienced Team

20+ highly trained medical professionals, onsite doctor & nurses, attentive & caring administration staff

Leading Technology

Largest and most diverse range of state of the art lasers, ultrasound and skin care technology

Premium Service

Continuous and extensive training of staff, exceptional level of pre, during and post care


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Spring Savings – Frown lines + Crows Feet = Free eyebrow lift or forehead treatment*

Treat your Frown lines + Crows Feet and receive an eyebrow lift or forehead treatment for FREE*

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