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Anti-Wrinkle Injection Prices

You don’t need to spend as much as you might think to visit an award winning injectables clinic.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia our experienced Doctor and Nurse team provide safe, effective and long-lasting results tailored to your specific requirements.

We have complimentary consultations to inform and educate so you are comfortable and confident to proceed with your treatment.

. . . and of course we only use the highest quality US brand product, so don’t be fooled by cheap unit pricing which typically requires 3 times the volume.

Compare us with the rest, we’re confident you won’t find this level of service at a comparable price anywhere else.

Anti-Wrinkle ToxinPrice/unit
Premium US & European brands$12.90
Pre-pay your X4 anti-wrinkle treatments and receive 10% off the total cost:

  • Can be of any value or any area
  • X4 treatments must be delivered within the same year
  • Expires 12 months from first treatment
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
Anti-wrinkle Toxin Units Required (indicator only)Units
Frown Lines/Glabella20-30
Crows Feet10-30
Eyebrow Lift4-10

Note: Due to regulatory requirements we are unable to specify product or brand names, please contact a clinic for further information.

The following illustration is intended as a guide only. Please book your complimentary consultation for a tailored proposal.

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