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At a glance: Acne Triple Combo

Treatment may also be known as
Acne Treatment, Acne Scarring Treatment
Tackle root cause of acne and gain a clearer, smoother complexion.
How it works
Combination of LED light therapy, laser & medical skin peels
Treatment time
~1 hour
No downtime
Will vary depending on your personalised plan
Will vary depending on your personalised plan
Pain level
Low / none
$350 for a 3-step treatment (from $250 in a package)
Individual results may vary
Must be performed by an experienced provider


What is Acne Triple Combo?

Acne Triple Combo is our unique program for treating acne. There are different types of acne and different factors that can cause acne for people of all ages. In addition to personalised consultation on the lifestyle factors that may affect your acne, our Acne Triple Combo includes a combination of 3 treatments per session, including a medical grade facial or peel, laser treatment and PhotoTherapy, tailored to the nature of your skin.

How does it work?

There are 3 steps to our Acne Triple Combo, and each works individually:

    1. First, an advanced laser treatment stimulates collagen and contracts oils glands in your skin to reduce acne scarring and improve your skin’s ability to regulate its natural oils.
    2. Second, PhotoTherapy, also known as LED Light Therapy, uses specific wavelengths of light energy to break down acne-causing bacteria. The light frequency breaks down substances in the bacteria cell wall known as porphyrins to reduce the number of bacteria in the skin. The wavelengths also stimulate your skin cells to promote a healing response and bring down inflammation.

Third, we use medical grade facials and peels to treat breakouts on the surface. They nourish and exfoliate the skin to clear congestion and promote healing. Your Dermal Clinician will recommend which facial or peel is best for your individual complexion.

How long does it take?

It takes about 1 hour for the full 3 steps.

Which areas can be treated?

We can tailor treatments for the face, the back or anywhere else you may be experiencing acne.

When will I start to see results?

Most patients require more than 1 treatment before they see results, depending on the nature of your skin, so we recommend coming in for a free consultation to discuss your treatment plan and what you may expect with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

How can I maintain my results?

Each one of our acne patients are unique, so your Dermal Clinician will discuss with you how to best maintain your results. Depending on the nature of your skin, you may need to adjust your diet or skincare routine, or you may be recommended to return in the future for maintenance treatments.

Are there any side effects or downtime?

There are no side effects or downtime associated with any of these treatments. We recommend that you refrain from exercise for 24 hours after treatment, but otherwise, and you can return to your regular activities right away.

We also offer a complimentary mineral makeup touch-up after treatment.

Does it hurt?

There is very little discomfort associated with the treatments.

The laser treatment creates a tingling sensation that is generally well tolerated.

PhotoTherapy is a comfortable, relaxing treatment. Many clients equate the feeling to lying on a beach.

Some facials and peels can make the skin feel warm or sting slightly, but the feeling is well tolerated and resolves very shortly after treatment. Your Dermal Clinician can also apply post-treatment lotions to soothe your skin.

How much does it cost?

$350 for a 3-step treatment (from $250 in a package)

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