Reduce sagging skin caused by ageing, childbirth or weight loss/gain

The major ageing feature on most faces is laxity and sagging. The skin on your body may also be affected, including your upper arms, thighs and abdomen the specialists at our clinic will tailor a program to your needs using one, or a combination, of our comprehensive range of lasers and skin tightening treatments to achieve your best results.

Ultrasound skin tightening treatment

Stimulate new collagen

As you age or after giving birth or losing weight, your skin may lose its strength and elasticity. This can be improved by helping your skin stimulate new collagen to regain a firmer structure whilst also slimming down facial and body contours.

Skin tightening treatment

Non-invasive procedures

This range of treatment options are non-surgical and use deep heat to strengthen the skin structure to give a younger, lifted and fresher look. Zero recovery time means you can go back to your daily routine immediately without any tell tale signs of treatment.

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Quick results

Results are immediate making the treatment ideal if you need quick results for an upcoming important event, occasion or holiday. It is recommended for the face, loose tummy, sagging upper arms or thighs.

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Comfortable & cost-effective

Compared to surgical alternatives, non-invasive skin tightening actually strengthens and firms the skin rather than just stretching it taut; it typically costs significantly less and is far more comfortable; it is also more effective than just skincare, and you may only need one treatment every 6 - 12 months to maintain your new youthful look.

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Walk in - walk out procedures

Skin tightening is a walk in-walk out procedure, but requires extreme attention to detail. Our skin tightening specialists use a progressive deep heat approach that leaves the surface skin unaffected. The number of treatments is customised to each client and depends on the skin’s condition, age, genetic background, health status and lifestyle.

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